The Representative Council shall consist of UEA-D members elected by department of program units.  Membership on the Council shall me according to the formula set by the bylaws. (The UEA Rep Council is made up of one UEA Member from each department or program which includes one or more active (full dues paying) Members of the UEA.  Each department or program which has ten or more active UEA members is entitled to an additional seat on the council.) The council shall be chaired by the President-D or his/her designee from the Executive Committee.


Members of the Representative Council shall be elected biennially by their department or program unit to serve a two-year term convening on September 15 of even numbered years.  The Representative Council shall be convened at least once each academic semester. The Council may be convened for special purposes at any time. Elected Representative Council members shall be individually responsible to convey information of importance to the membership of their respective departments or programs.  They shall also bring to the attention of the Council concerns expressed by the member(s) of their departments or programs. The Representative Council shall make recommendations to the Executive Committee on issues of substance to the membership, either at Council meetings and/or through their representatives on the Executive Committee.  The Council shall biennially select two (2) from its membership to serve on the Executive Committee. The term on the Executive Committee shall coincide with the term on the Representative Council, two years, commencing on September 15 of even-numbered years.

It’s not the typical union mantra, “You have to spend money to make money,” but it is nevertheless true.  People believe in the power of unions. A 2017 survey of 1,000 Americans found that 62% believe the United States would be stronger with unions ( Not so many people want to invest in them financially, unfortunately.  The managing partner of the research firm hired to conduct that study said, “A lot of lower-income folks we surveyed indicated that they would like to have the option not to pay union dues and they would also prefer stronger unions.”  While certainly understandable, this sentiment is not sustainable and works against one’s own interests. Around here like to say, “We Are a Stronger You.”  A stronger UEA is a stronger University and a stronger you..., that’s what we work for. But the investment of membership is critical.  In the past, the UEA has successfully negotiated for higher salary floors, raises, longer contracts, and increased summer salary, among other things.  We stand for much more than just money, but UMD lags in faculty pay now for reasons which are difficult to comprehend, so we need your membership to help us address this and other issues. Here’s your decision: The total cost is $913.75 for a year or about $2.50 per day.  We think it is worth every cent. Become part of the rising tide that lifts all boats.  E-mail Jesse at if you have not already become a member.